2011 in 5 albums

6 artists, 6 albums, 12 songs

this is how 2011 sounded like for me,, seen 4 out of 6 live this year,,

here we go,,

PJ Harvey

Hey Rosetta!


Timber Timbre

Anna Calvi




Happy New Year everyone !





Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action


jimmy hunt et fred fortin

c’est pas comme ça, qu’on fait des maisons,

c’est pas d’même non plus, qu’on fait des chansons

Une balle perdue dans le mur du son …

J’aurais aimé connaitre ce Lac St-Saint-Jean là ..

pas celui de mononque pis matante que se battent pour l’héritage du vire-vents.. comme qui disent..

Arcade Fire’s Sprawl 2.0


New Interactive video for Arcade Fire

Directed by Vincent Morisse of Spy Films

It uses your web cam to synchs with your dancing.

Just too cool !

Bianca Chang .. Works in Paper


Bianca Chang is a young designer and paper artist based in Sydney, Australia

Trent Reznor, Karen O Do Led Zep’s “Immigrant Song”

as part of the soundtrack for David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Ten Seconds Project

Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project plays homage to the childhood game of hide and seek.which the photographer used to play with her brother. The project rules are loosely based on the game – Alma gives herself ten seconds to try and hide, or make herself as small as she possibly can, before her camera goes off on self-timer.