Artist – Shi Jindian


Chinese artist Shi Jindian steel wire sculptures. Delicate and transparent , almost virtual..





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Street Art – Banksy – Olympics


Two new pieces from Banksy for the Olympics.. sweet !




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Illustrator – Jason Ratliff – Walking Shadows

Indiana base designer illustrator Jason Ratliff in the Walking Shadow Series, transform shadows into bright colorful patterns.



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Friday Music Video – Jack White – Freedom At 21

All new Jack white video .. yay !

Short Film – Reverso

Barney lives with his father, Walter, in a littler suburban house. He tries to live a normal life eventhough Barney is different: His sense of gravity is inverted…

A film by:
Kimberly Honma / Clément Lauricella et Arthur Seguin.




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Movie Trailer – Grabbers



part of this year Fantasia festival

Photography – Juliette Bates

Paris based photographer Juliette Bates. Just amazing art direction here. love it !



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Friday Music Video – Florence + The Machine – Spectrum

Timotheus Tomicek – Video Installation

Occupying a thin space between photo and video, Timotheus Tomicek photo video installations create subtle movements in what seen like  still images.

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The Man With The Iron Fists

Directed by RZA

Screenplay by RZA and Eli Roth

Produced by Quentin Tarantino