GRID Main Titles by Ouchhh

Main Titles for GRID, Digital Culture and Moving Images Festival in Istanbul.

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Strike Vector – Trailer


Yes, ingame footage.

Yes, 4 indie game developers.

impressive !

Strike Vector

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Animation – JO JO IN THE STARS

beautiful !!


Animation – Games – Wolfenstein: The New Order





LightSpin = Bullet-time + Stop-motion + Light-painting

Experimental photography / art project by Montreal based Timecode Lab.

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D (2013) official movie trailer

Albator !


Styleframes NYC – Opening Titles by Tendril

The Opening Titles for Style Frames NYC. A Tendril Design + Animation Production directed by Anthony Scott Burns and Chris Bahry, and scored by John Black of CypherAudio.


vimeo link here


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Playgrounds Fest 2012 Main Titles




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Animation – Dishonored- ‘The Tales from Dunwall’


Created by Psyop and ROKKAN for Bethesda Softwork upcoming Steampunk game Dishonored.




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