Atome / ArtFX

“In an abandoned warehouse, an artist is creating a mural, concentrated in his art, he doesn’t realize that behind him, a surrealistic scene occuring.”

Nice work from students from ArtFX School in France !

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Music Video – KELPE – Go Visible

“Music video for Kelpe’s “Go Visible” by filmmakers Mira Loew and David Altweger in collaboration with contemporary dancer Melissa Spiccia. The video opens with the invitation to “make yourself at home” in a stranger’s flat, which the female protagonist accepts by exploring the room through the movements of her body.”


I just love this !



GRID Main Titles by Ouchhh

Main Titles for GRID, Digital Culture and Moving Images Festival in Istanbul.

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Animation – JO JO IN THE STARS

beautiful !!


Animation – Games – Wolfenstein: The New Order





LightSpin = Bullet-time + Stop-motion + Light-painting

Experimental photography / art project by Montreal based Timecode Lab.

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Music Video – Bat for Lashes – Lilies



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