St. Vincent – Guitar Moves – Episode 8


Great web series called Guitar Moves. Episode 8 with St. Vincent

Anton Kusters – Photographing the Yakuza

Belgium photographer Anton Kusters spent 2 years documenting the Yakusa in Tokyo.

the results is simply stunning.







Read more about the project here.

here he talks about the Yakuza project in a TED presentation.



check out the book ODO YAKUZA TOKYO.




via Peta Pixel

the dude behind The Dude

Meet Jeff Dowd, the inspiration behind Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski in Joel and Ethan Coen. movie, The Big Lebowski.

Here’s a little documentary by Jeff Feuerzeig about The Real Dude.


“Its good to know he’s out there…The Dude. Takin’ it easy for all us sinners.”


The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

Short film documentary by Adam Curtis

more on Adam Curtis blog