Illustrator – Artist – Mayumi Haryoto




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Illustrator – Van Data





Street Art – Banksy – Olympics


Two new pieces from Banksy for the Olympics.. sweet !




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Illustrator – Jason Ratliff – Walking Shadows

Indiana base designer illustrator Jason Ratliff in the Walking Shadow Series, transform shadows into bright colorful patterns.



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Mydeadpony – Illustrator

The work of Raphaƫl, Brussels base illustrator.



Graphic Artist – Olly Moss

by Olly Moss

One of my favorite designer, illustrator, artist. His work speaks for itself.

Illustrator – Artist – Mostlywanted


Exceptional work of UK Artist Tom Bagshaw aka Mostlywanted.

Javier Siquier – Removal

Javier Siquier – illustrator – graphic designer – street artist


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Diftype – Illustrator & Designer